Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Test Level is complete PT 2


Curtis Rioux said...

Fuuuuck that,
i wouldnt go into that joint if i were paid.

Nah but really this is looking very awesome man - love the lighting and the atmosphere!

What is this project!? email me, let me know more about it!

Darcy P World said...

This is just me learning the engine man. Everything you're seeing was done by me, and it was all basically a learning exercise for things to come. I DO have something in the pipeline though, and I actually planned on contacting you about it because I may need some doc templates to get it on paper, so I'll fill you in shortly. I'm pretty excited about it.

Curtis Rioux said...

Whenever you want some help just msg me and ill see what i can do!

Derek said...

im liking these man, show me more. textures and lighting are rocking!